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How to register .AX domain names

The ccTLD for the Åland Islands is .ax. For more information about .ax see this article in Wikipedia. You can also check IANA’s Root-Zone Whois Information for .ax – Aland Islands.

The .ax domain was passed into law on 14 March 2006. On 9 June 2006 ICANN adopted the .ax domain. (see also the IANA Report on Delegation of the .AX Top-Level Domain) and the .ax domain became operational 15 August 2006.

Registration of .ax domains has started and you can (perhaps) register .ax domains here. But before you do, it might be worth considering the rules. The rules are summarised in the documet: “Regelverk för registrering av domännamn” which translates into “Set of provisions for registering of domain names”.

Since the document is in Swedish and no official translation is yet available I have – to the best of my abilities – translated some parts of the document. So keep in mind that this is an unofficial and abbreviated translation of the document.

Domain names can be granted to:

  • A juridical person with a set place of business or who is registered on the Åland Islands.
  • A public sector entity, government owned business, independent public institution, public association that is acting on the Åland Islands or has been registered here.
  • A person, 15 years of age and who’s home municipality is on the Åland Islands or has the Right of Domicile as mentioned in the Act on the Autonomy.

Rules for domain names:

  • A domain name may not be a word denoting form of enterprise, form of foundation, from of community or abbreviation thereof.
  • A domain name shall consist of at least 2 and at the most 63 characters. Allowed characters are letters a-z, numbers 0-9, and hyphen. Other allowed national characters are the letters, å, ä, ö. A domain name cannot begin with nor end with a hyphen. The third and fourth characters of the domain name cannot both be hyphens.
  • A domain name cannot be a top level domain whether it is a generic (i.e. .info, .net) or a country code.
  • A domain name that is based on a physical person must be based on the person’s own official name, except when it is a registered name or trademark. A person’s own official name refers to a combination of given- and surname (i.e. John Doe), you may therefore register your own name but not someone else’s name. However, anyone may register just last name or surname (i.e. John or Doe).
  • A domain name may not be based on someone else’s protected name or trademark. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure this.
  • A domain name may not contain defamatory expressions or expressions that encourage criminal activities.
  • A domain name must be active (there must be name servers), and it is not allowed to apply for domains to store or resell.


  • Registration fee 50 € for 3 years
  • Renewal fee 50 € for 3 years
  • Transfer of a domain name to another holder 50 €
  • Change of domain name server 15 €
  • Certificate from the domain registry 5 €

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